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I learned the art of knot tying while in Blind school for I became blind at the age of 7 only to regain my sight years later.  As a long line Commercial fisherman out of Hawaii I was able to turn a discarded item into a knotted and useful work of art.

  Capt. John 

About Us

These unique Marlin fish bills are one of a kind.  No two are exactly alike.  Tied in various styles and cordage, a truely magnificent piece of art to enjoy for years to come.

We have many knotted designs to choose from. Wether it be a Marlin spike for that special someone, a fancy knotted float, a knotted bottle, Matt or a Pudding on the bow of your boat. In addition we offer special knot classes. Call or email us for details.

Enjoy this wonderful piece of art.

Wether it be an authentic Japanese knotted glass float, a unique Marlin spike or many of the other fancy knotted designs not shown here.

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About Us

Our products are truly one of a kind. Each hand woven piece consists of a variety of knotting and weaving styles.  Each Handcrafted piece is unique with character knotting and weaving styles. The images shown are just a taste. When you behold one of these spectacular works of art, Wow! Our experience young and old virtally all have the same awesome response of amazement. 

Authentic Marlin spikes and Swordfish are from the actual fish.  These come from fish legally caught within the Pacific fishery with the Marlin spike becomig a useful tool  or a decorative piece.

Japanese glass fishing floats. Various shapes and sizes.

Tied in custom designs and styles. With or without lights.

Knotted Picture frames various sizes and styles 

Knotted "Thump pads" or Matts for   your wall or the boat.

Hand woven glass bottles - various sizes and styles

Nautical gift items Assorted styles and items

I  have been tying knots since the age of seven for at that time I became totally blind due to an illness forming blood clots behind the main artries of my eyes and was sent to Salem Ore Blind school. In the infurmary the blind were taught the use of their hands, working on looms, caining and learning the art of knots. After aproximately 3 years I became ill again only to have my sight  restored,  Knots and splices soon became my way of life. 

Over the years I have generated several unique styles and weaves with the art of knots.

All items are created and designed to be one of a kind. being hand tied here in the USA with origional design combo's.

Capt. John Johnson


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